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What is Commentarian?

A freeware for generating standardized comments in any programming language, making it quick to create good comments

This tool is probably useful only for programmers though ;)

Also included is the VB6 IDE addin version.

Commentarian features

StandAlone Version
  • comments pasted to clipboard
  • project details saved into general .dat-file for easy reaccess next session
  • variable comment character
VB6 IDE Addin Version
  • Project data is gathered from the IDE
  • Comments inserted directly into the IDE
  • Project details saved into project-specific .dat-file for easy reaccess next session
Common features
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Win32-based software,tested on W98,NT4,W2k
  • Developed with VisualBasic 6(sp5)


StandAlone Version

VB6 IDE Addin version



on how to use Commentarian is found here


What´s new

Read Version History for more information on features and whats new in this release.

The software is Freeware, running it is at Your own risk. AnderWare takes no responsibility for any damages to your computers hard- or software our software may cause
Commentarian is a trademark of AnderWare Development

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