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About this website

This website offers free software designed for roleplaying & miniature gamers everywhere.

If you really like the stuff here, feel free to donate to my Paypal account!

About the goals of AnderWare

AnderWare Development strives to ease the burden for gamers. The software exists because I wanted a useful software to help our gamemasters, that means that resourcefiles will continually updated as we create new ones. If You make a good resourcefile that You think other gamers may find useful, please submit it to me and I will publish it on our website.

About the people behind AnderWare

AnderWare is mostly me, Anders Forslund. Hello. Nice to meet you ;)
I was born in 1974, in a town called Malmö located in Sweden (that´s northern Europe). I´ve been playing roleplaying games since 1984 and am looking forward to teach my future children to play as well :)
With a huge interest in computer programming as well, I have integrated the my two biggest hobbies into AnderWare Development.
Hobbies being what they are, it is difficult to make a living out of them so I work during the days (and a lot of nights too actually!) with industrial automation (or as I would express it, industrial information technology)

Of course a gamer is nothing without his gaming group, and I would like to point out one person particular for his huge efforts helping out with creating great resource files for MasterPlan (and all the features he has been nagging me about). Hello Henrik Ohlin!