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Anderware Productivity Suite - Template package for ASUS EEE Note EA800

These are templates to be used with the ASUS EEE Note EA800.
All templates here use white for background and the same row height, making it easy to switch between them(and thats why simple lined ones are here as well)
Included with each template is the original SVG-file.  It is not needed for the EA800 but can be used to modify the template and/or derive new templates from.
Click the thumbnail(s) below to see the actual template
Lined I   Graph I Item I Cover I
Lined II Graph II Journal I Chapter I
Lined III Graph III Journal II Table of Contents I
Lined IV Graph IV Meeting Minutes I Blank I
Lined Double I Contact I
Lined Vertical I Report Incident I

Download complete package here

How to install

Extract all files to SD-card, reboot EA with SD-card plugged in.

About the templates

All templates are made with Inkscape, exported to PNG and then adjusted(grayscale, print size 72 DPI) with GIMP for compability with EverNote.

How to adjust the PNG(already done on all the files in the package, information only)

Open up the exported PNG-file in GIMP, select Image/Mode/Greyscale

To get the size correct, then select Image/Print Size

Set X and Y resolution to 72 DPI.

Save the PNG and your done!