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What is ArmyAssembler?

The ArmyAssembler is a Win32 program for creating armies & figures to MicroTactix Inc.'s minature strategy game Budget Battlefield.

Based on the figure creation rules from Budget Battlefield & BB Battle Magic, ArmyAssembler makes it easy to create new units and also producing the Unit Card.

Want to use some old miniatures in a BudgetBattlefield game?

Simple, take a picture of the miniature with a digital camera/draw it/download an image from the net (remember to respect copyright laws), startup ArmyAssembler, stat it and use the picture as unit image. All the calculations are made automatically giving You more time to play!
Press "Card" -> instant Unit Card ready for printing or copying to clipboard!

Want all your Unit Cards to have the same style?

Easy, just save the style from one Unit Card and apply it to any other Unit Card!

Want more weapons/races/whatever?

It is also possible to edit all resources, weapons, movetype,whatever even the attackrolls! Add new weapons and edit the ones you do not like!

Why not build an army of your miniatures?

With ArmyAssembler it is easy to create large armies out of your units without losing track of the cost!
Make the perfect army, tweak it until it is just right!


It easy to share your new units, styles & armies with your friends! Each unit/style/army saves into one file complete with image making it easy to distribute!

ArmyAssembler features

  • Figure Creation Calculation with Unit Card generation.
  • Support for Battle Magic (Spells are used as Extra Items)
  • Styles for Unit Cards
  • Army Creation
  • Resource Editor
    • Weapons(Melee & Missile)
    • Extra Items
    • Attack Rolls
    • Races
    • Armor Types
    • Movement Types
    • Command Skills
  • High resolution printing
  • Export data to the clipboard. Useful to import unit & army data into another application.
  • Optional Rules for Limited Shots, Range & Movement Cost (Based on discussions from the MicroTactix forums)
  • Win32-based software,tested on W98,NT4,W2k
  • Developed with VisualBasic 6(SP5)


Screenshot - Figure Creator
Screenshot - Unit Card
Screenshot - Army Creator
Screenshot - Resource Editor


What´s new

Read Version History for more information on features and whats new in this release.

The software is Freeware, running it is at Your own risk. AnderWare takes no responsibility for any damages to your computers hard- or software our software may cause
ArmyAssembler is a trademark of AnderWare Development

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Portions of Budget Battlefield Copyright 2001-2003 MicroTactix, Inc. Used by permission. Budget Battlefield is a trademark of MicroTactix, Inc.