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AnderWare Excel2k Macros

What is AnderWare Excel2k Macros?

This template contains a useful MS Excel2000 macro

  • CreateSeries

This macro was built and tested on Windows 2000 Professional(SP3) running Office 2000(SR1-SP3)



A macro(VBA) for creating series based on user input

Useful when you have a starting value in one cell and an ending value in another
and you want to fill the rows/column between them with numbers inbetween

Example - Columns
1     3
Desired result      
1 1,666666667 2,333333333 3
Example 2 - Rows
Before Desired result
1   1
3   3

This macro requires some knowledge of working with macros in Excel.


  • Choose between integer(whole numbers) and decimal series
  • Row or columnbased series


Start the macro contained in the Excel worksheet.
With the reference edit boxes select the start and end cell to create series in between.






Read Version History for more information on features and whats new in this release.

These macros may be distributed and used freely as long as it remains unaltered (including this text).
AnderWare Development takes no responsibility whats so ever for whatever this macro may cause to your computer/software/data. Always make backups of your data before using these macros

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