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MasterPlan Version History

1.7.7 (2010-01-18)

  • Added module for dice probability analysis for Fury of the Clansmen/Siege of the Citadell

1.7.6 (2008-03-04)

  • Bug fixes

1.7.5 (2005-02-23)

  • Operator support appended(<=,>=)
  • Better handling of large numbers in mathematical operations.
  • Correct handling of case for returned references
  • Extended folder browsing supported in Select Reference-tool, making Relative Referencing *very* much easier to setup.
  • Create folders directly from MasterPlan Explorer
  • Hide files/folders from being displayed in the MasterPlan Explorer by naming them with a beginning "~"(

1.7.4 (2004-11-17)

  • Script Editor display the current cursor line
  • Special variable DUPLICATESACCEPTED controls the how many generated duplicated entries are neede before accepting
  • Minor fixes

1.7.3 (2003-11-30)

  • Complete Relative Referencing implemented!
  • Greatly improved randomizer engine generating a much better statistically correct distribution
  • Returns line number on error in scripts for simplify debugging scripts
  • Reference Selector has now a #-button
  • Optional setting font for script editor, table editor, lists and output, making it much easier to read complex scripts
  • Completely revised Example scripts & tables for increased clarity
  • Minor fixes

1.7.2 (2003-02-09)

  • Minor fix in Import table function(correct frequency calculation)

1.7.1 (2003-01-09)

  • Printing/exporting support(finally!)
  • Code completion for references
  • Graphical interface polished
  • Minor fixes
  • PDF version of manual

1.7 (2002-12-02)

  • Version 1.62 had a serious bug regarding the saving of table files making them *very* difficult to use after editing them. This has been addressed in the 1.7 version and files saved with the 1.62 version is readable by the 1.7 software
  • Treelike explorer window for easy browsing of all those resource files.
  • Minor fixes.

1.6.2 (2002-09-18)

  • Lookup Table functionality
  • Reference script possible
  • Abort functionality(to avoid getting stuck in infinite loops)
  • Bug fixes

1.6.1 (2002-08-23)

  • Bug fixes

1.6 (2002-08-07)

  • A whole lot actually, not to mention a more detailed manual(Word document)!
  • New table editor with Cut/Copy/Paste No longer needed to hack resource files and calculate frequencies, the Table Editor does it for You
  • Import utility to table format Just copy any text into the Table Importer and save it to Table format, each row will be saved as an entry with a default frequency of 1.
  • Conditional(IF-ELSE, GOTO, END) flow control in scripts
  • Bug fixes


  • Math Constant(NOW)
  • User input function GET


  • Enhanced math functions (Exp, Log)
  • Math constants(PI)
  • Dice Probability module added (Shadowrun)


  • Built in Table/script editor with insert toolbox
  • Extended support for invisible variables in script/tables
  • Drag&Drop between text areas
  • Author Area (Working text area - For the struggling author) A place to keep notes,comments and any text An entire scenario/adventure could be written here
    Picture support Save as RichText(*.RTF)


  • Enhanced Script/Table Intelligence Control character - create invisible variables to save generated values. These values can be used later in the script or by tables Mathematical expressions(+,-,*,/,\,^)
  • Mathematical functions (Cos, Sin, Tan, Sqr) The mathematical expressions/functionscan be used in conjunction with invisible variables.
  • Better cut, copy and paste support
  • Bug fixed Nestled references could sometimes get stuck in a infinite loop


  • Enhanced Script Intelligence Control - remember which table that result, avoiding duplicate entries returned
  • Bug fixed in Dice Probability for Hjältesystem Rubberband handling of forms
  • Bug fixed in Listpage if you selected one file with one button and then select a new file residing in a different folder than the first one, all references in the first one did not work if there exist files with duplicate names in both folders.


  • Case sensitive referencing
  • General fixes
  • Dice Probability module added (Hjältesystem)

1.0 (2000-03-27)

  • First release of MasterPlan!