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What is ToDoIt?

A software for keeping track of task to to in a project.

ToDoIt features

  • Saves tasks into one specific file, useful to keep with other project files
  • Assign different status to task - Incomplete, Complete, Invalid, Question, Request with a simple mouseclick
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Win32-based software,tested on W98,NT4,W2k
  • Developed with VisualBasic 6(sp5)


Incompleted Task
Rightclick the task to update the status

Task moved to Completed tab




It is pretty straightforward to use ToDoIt.
Add new/update/delete tasks with the buttons and change selected tasks with rightclicking it and selecting new status.


What´s new

Read Version History for more information on features and whats new in this release.

The software is Freeware, running it is at Your own risk. AnderWare takes no responsibility for any damages to your computers hard- or software our software may cause
ToDoIt is a trademark of AnderWare Development

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