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AnderWare Word2k Macros

What is AnderWare Word2k Macros?

This template contains several useful MS Word2000 macros

  • AutoRevisionList
  • GenerateFileList
  • MarkTextAsRevised
  • KeepSelectionTogether

These macros was built and tested on Windows 2000 Professional(SP3) running Office 2000(SR1-SP3)



Reviewing documents without a good revision history makes it neccessary to reread the entire document after each version. Making a manual revision list is also tedious. This macro makes this process automatically and creates as revision list as detailed as the user requested.
This macro requires some knowledge of working with Tracking Changes (Revisions) in Word.


Builds automatically a revision list in a new document, based on the revisions in the document selected when run.
Changes in text, tables, pictures (deleted/inserted) are analysed and based on user settings put in the revision list.


It is neccessary to select what level of headlines should be used in the revision list.
Recommendation: Select all headlines in the list presented on the dialog showned when this macro is run.

Not supported

Changes in textboxes, draw elements will not be shown in the revision list. This is due to the object model used in Office 2000. This will probably not be supported in future version (unless Microsoft changes the object model)

Known Errors

A revision of a new paragraph marker after a table which has a new empty row at the bottom will be put under the next following headline instead of the previous.







To create a filelist based on what actually on the harddrive(or network) can be a tedious task. With this macro this is very simple.


  • Creates a complete filelisting(with recursion getting all those subfolders), inserting it into your Word document or create a new Word or Excel documents
  • Can display UNC path
  • Create hyperlink to the file
  • Filter, list only the fileextensions you want
  • Standard Browse for folder dialog makes it easy to select the root folder

Known Errors

After generating a new Excel document, and if you close Excel, then there is some trouble generating a new File List into a Excel document until you restart Word.


Other macros


This macro is useful together with the AutoRevisionList macro if you have a completed document and it has been edited but not with "Track Changes" activated. Simply select the sections you know to be edited (or you want to appear in the revision list) and run this macro.
Shortkey mapping recommended.


In formatting the document it is sometimes useful to keep a certain text or picture together on one page. Select the paragraph you want to stay together and run this macro.
Shortkey mapping recommended.

Read Version History for more information on features and whats new in this release.

These macros may be distributed and used freely as long as it remains unaltered (including this text).
AnderWare Development takes no responsibility whats so ever for whatever this macro may cause to your computer/software/data. Always make backups of your data before using these macros

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