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What is MasterPlan?

Masterplan is a Win32(9x/NT), utility designed primary for gamemasters of roleplaying games. The MasterPlan software can for be used to create events,people, places, monsters, treasures, items etc etc with unique attributes

You can create custom scripts utilizing Your tables and generate for instance whole characters to any game system.
Entire adventures can be generated this way...
Simulate complete combat encounters with custom scripts

What You need to do in order to use the MasterPlan software is tables with data. The software is shipped with a number of example files, but the main work has to be done by Yourself, this way, the only limit of what you can do with the software is Your own imagination.

Each table contains a number of entries. Each entry consists of a text and a number describing that entrys probability. Each text can reference other tables, including the same table.
The naming of tables are of course important in order to avoid duplicates and hardtraced errors. The tablename is not casesensitive, but when you make a reference to it, it is important to make it in the right case for the the the right desired result.
The more detail you put into the table files the more accurate results will be generated. For instance, a list of the names and titles of the nobles in your country instead of randomly generated nobles.

One approach would be to use the MasterPlan software when You create Your world/campaign from the beginning. That way You will have accurate information about Your campaign right at Your fingertip thereafter.
You should always design Your tables carefully, a good design allows you to re-use your tables many times!

MasterPlan features

  • A lot of ready made tables, look at the complete list for what´s in this package
  • Table lookup, fixed and random
  • Multiple referencing,table and script
  • Complete support for relative referencing
  • Recursive referencing
  • Dice functions(replaces dicesets with results)
  • Dice probability analysis
  • Case sensitive referencing
  • Scripting features
  • Conditional flow control in scripts(IF-ELSE-GOTO)
  • No duplicate of entries in the the same instance - especially useful in scripts.
  • Create invisible variables to save generated values. These values can be used later in the script or by tables
  • Mathematical expressions(+,-,*,/,\,^)
  • Mathematical functions (Cos, Sin, Tan, Sqr, Rnd(Round), Exp, Log, PI, NOW, Userinput)
    The mathematical expressions/functions can be used in conjunction with invisible variables.
  • Table/Script Editor with Insertion Toolbox
  • Code completion for references
  • Treeview explorer for easy browsing of resource files
  • Dice Statistical Analysis (Hjältesystem,Shadowrun,Fury of the Clansmen/Siege of the Citadell)
  • Win32-based software,tested on W98,NT4,W2k
  • Developed with VisualBasic 6


Screenshot - Tables!
Screenshot - Scripts!
Screenshot - Explorer!
Screenshot - Dice!
Screenshot - Reference Code Completion!
Screenshot - Other!


on how to use MasterPlan is found here


What´s new

Read Version History for more information on features and whats new in this release.

The software is Freeware, running it is at Your own risk. AnderWare takes no responsibility for any damages to your computers hard- or software our software may cause
MasterPlan is a trademark of AnderWare Development

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